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Understanding the Various Types of Business Insurance

When owning a business you will very quickly become aware of the different types of business insurance available and which types would best suit the nature of your business. As each business is unique, each will have its own needs and requirements. Making sure that you receive the cover you require at an affordable rate would be your greatest task when looking for business insurance.

small business insurance can be a tricky business. While some businesses will require public liability, other’s wont. It is small differences like this that make the need for a tailor-made insurance solution, a necessity. Reputable insurance companies such as African Independent Brokers offer various types of business insurance cover as follows:

  • Accidental damage cover – this ensures that business goods, that are accidently damaged, are completely covered
  • Buildings combined cover – this cover ensures that damage to your business building and its attached buildings is offered.
  • Electronic equipment cover – this offers protection for computers and software that is licensed to the business, in the event of it becoming damaged or being stolen.
  • Business interruption cover – this particular cover offers compensation for the period of time that you are out of work, while business items and goods are being replaced or repaired.
  • Accounts receivable cover – this cover offers compensation for times when records of accounts and amounts outstanding are lost or destroyed.
  • Fire damage cover – this cover ensures that your business premises and property are protected in the event of a fire outbreak.
  • Glass cover – this offers cover for any damage to fixed glass on your business premises.
  • Portable business possession cover – this offers loss and damage protection for business items which can and need to be removed from the premises.
  • Theft cover – this particular cover offers compensation in the event of items and business valuables being stolen from your business property.
  • Public liability cover – this ensures that you will be able to afford the outlay should a client be injured or their property be damaged while visiting your business.

The nature and daily running of your business will dictate the type of small business insurance that you eventually decide upon. With the help of the consultants at African Independent Brokers you can have your insurance package perfectly pieced together to suit both your needs and budget.

Take the time to contact African Independent and discuss your options with them today. They will ensure that you are well informed of the various types of business insurance packages available to you.

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