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Car Insurance for Women

It is not a myth that car insurance for women is more affordable than that offered to male drivers. Why is this? Without prejudice, women drivers are seen to be safer and more cautious drivers on the road. This of course is a huge generalisation, but the fact remains, women drivers receive access to better premiums – hands down!

Studies have been done to prove that women drivers abide by the road rules while keeping within speed limits and are generally more responsible behind the wheel. There is nothing sexist about lower premiums for car insurance for women! This benefit is based on pure facts and has seen women drivers enjoying better monthly premiums all over the world! African Independent Brokers, while respecting men and women, offer low premiums and fantastic services to both their male and female clients. Regardless of your gender, you will always find yourself enjoying a better premium than that which is offered by another insurance company‚Ķeven if their packages are aimed specifically at women. African Independent Brokers are able to do this as they have partnered with South Africa’s leading insurance companies which enable them to bring the lowest premiums and best packages directly to you! Should you choose to insure your car through African Independent Brokers, you will find that you can set everything up over the phone. You will then have immediate cover and have access to VIP client care at all times. Your car insurance cover will be fully comprehensive which means you will be protected in the event of an accident, loss, theft and third party damage.

African Independent Brokers also offers a variety of perks to all its members. You can make use of a number of discounts on accommodation, furniture, transport, appliances, magazines, cellular items and vehicle parts to name but a few. You will also have access to some great services that could just save your life! These services won’t cost you a cent and include emergency medical assistance, legal assistance, roadside assistance and household call-out assistance. Ordinarily, these types of services could cost you a fortune, but not when you are insured with African Independent Brokers!

If you are looking for cheaper car insurance for women, then African Independent Brokers have just the solution for you! Even if you are a man, contact African Independent...they are guaranteed to have the lowest premiums and best cover available for you!

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