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Set in Place Cheap Car Insurance for Young Drivers Today

If you are a young driver and who have just gotten your first vehicle, then you are on your way to freedom and independence. Unfortunately the reality of comprehensive vehicle insurance and its related monthly premiums kicks in and the idea of owning a car may just lose its lustre. Cheap car insurance for a young driver is not as hard to obtain as you may think. By contacting African Independent Brokers you can have an insurance policy that is tailor-made to suit your needs and budget.

Young drivers are usually seen as high risk drivers as their lack of experience on the road could result in them being involved in accidents. While cheap car insurance for young drivers is available you can decrease the expected monthly premium amounts by taking into account a few pointers

  • Cost or value of your vehicle – fast, flashy and expensive cars cost more to insure which means you can expect to pay a higher premium. Look into purchasing a smaller vehicle or a vehicle with fewer modifications in order to keep your insurance costs down.
  • Don’t process petty claims – if you claim frequently from your insurance policy you will be considered a high risk driver and your insurance premiums will be inflated.
  • Advanced and defensive driving courses – by going on one of these courses you can use it in your favour when negotiating a reasonable monthly premium amount.
  • Increase your excess – by doing this your monthly premium will go down but you will be expected to pay a higher excess amount should you be involved in an accident.

These are just a few of the pointers on how to save money on your insurance premiums as a young driver. Remember to be cautious and aware when making use of the roads and ensure that you are taken care of by having the right insurance policy set in place.

When on the lookout for cheap car insurance for young drivers trust only the best. Contact African Independent and chat to them about your options today.

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