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Do you own a small business with one or more vehicles being used for business purposes? If you do, then obtaining business car insurance with African Independent Brokers would be in your best interests. This innovating and independent insurance company has a variety of insurance options to offer you and your small business.

When deciding on what type of business car insurance is right for you, don’t simply gravitate towards the cheapest premium. While price is important it is also essential that you make sure you are aware of exactly what your insurance policy is covering you for. Many business owners make the fatal error of not taking note of the limitations and exclusions on their policy and only encounter them directly after being in a vehicle accident (or their staff being in an accident) and they attempt to claim. With African Independent Brokers, you can rely on unburdened insurance that will allow you to drive (and your staff to drive) your business vehicles with absolute peace of mind.

Business car insurance should cover you in the event of the following:

  • Theft of your vehicle from your premises or a public location
  • Damage to your vehicle should you be involved in an accident
  • Third party cover should you cause damage to occur to someone else’s vehicle or property

Added benefits from African Independent Brokers include services such as 24 hour emergency roadside assistance, emergency medical call outs, lock smith services (should you lock your keys in the car) and a loan vehicle should your car need to go in for repairs or be a “write off” in an accident.

When looking for business car insurance, it is essential to enquire about the following factors:

  • Will your insurance premiums increase after you claim for an accident or theft?
  • How much will your excess be? Will your company be able to afford this amount in the event of an accident or theft?
  • Should a loan vehicle be made available, how long will you have access to it?
  • How long is the average turn around time on claims?

With African Independent Brokers you will be insured with a team who pride themselves on being ethical and honest at all times!

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