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Car insurance is one of the most important types of insurance one can have, especially if you take into account just how much many of us rely on our vehicles. Over time, more and more insurance companies have started offering great value for money and excellent VIP customer service when it comes to purchasing car insurance.  African Independent Brokers are one such insurance company who has gone out of its way to offer affordable insurance premiums, excellent customer service and a hassle free claims process.

Saving on your car insurance premiums is really as simple as paying attention to the following tips:

  • Compare quotes with at least 3 insurance companies and be upfront and honest with them with regards to your budget. If the insurance company knows how much you can afford, chances are they will negotiate a fare rate with you.
  • Consider taking on a higher excess amount as this will ensure a discount on your monthly premiums. Be careful not to make your excess too high to afford.
  • Purchase a reasonable vehicle as this will ensure reduced premiums. If you purchase high performance car of huge value, you will find yourself landed with premiums to match.
  • Ensure safe parking for your vehicle. If your car is parked on the street the premiums will be quite high. Cars parked behind locked gates or in a garage will enjoy lower car insurance premiums.
  • Be alert and careful when driving. Those who aren’t involved in a lot of accidents and don’t claim often will be enjoying lower premiums to those who are.
  • Consider not making use of the loan vehicle facility. This facility will usually be catered for as a small additional fee with your monthly premiums. If you do not require a loan vehicle in the event of an accident, then your premiums will be slightly less.

While the above pointers will assist you in saving on your monthly insurance premium, African Independent Brokers guarantee to provide you with car insurance that is affordable, reliable and independent. Start enjoying VIP client services and insurance premiums you can afford. Contact African Independent Brokers today and be insured the right way!

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