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Car insurance in South Africa is a growing and competitive business and unfortunately we all need to go through the process of choosing an insurance company that is best suited to our needs and most importantly, our budget. Each individual will have their own set of needs and each insurance quote for vehicles will differ according to age, location and even the value of the vehicle being insured.

In order to make the insurance procedure an endurable one, you can break down the process into a series of steps as follows:

  • Step One: Decide what type of cover is right for you

Firstly you need to choose between business car insurance and personal car insurance. You will then need to decide whether you need full cover or limited cover.

  • Step Two: Evaluate the additional coverage available

Additional coverage is usually offered with insurance cover policies in the form of cover for accessories such as sound systems and mags. There are also added services such as emergency break down assistance and medical assistance. Familiarise yourself with which companies offer these and at what rate.

  • Step Three: Ensure you have all your vehicles details on hand

When signing up with an insurance company they will require a number of details about your vehicle as well as your driving habits and list of names and particulars of those who will be allowed to drive your car.

  • Step Four: Ensure you have the proper security in place for your vehicle

Car insurance in South Africa can be made a great deal more affordable if you have the right security measures in place for your vehicle. Have the car parked inside the yard behind locked gates or in the garage to ensure an affordable premium.

Finding suitable car insurance in South Africa need not be a mammoth task. Sit down and make a list of the pros and cons of ensuring through each different company. Make enquiries with regards to their excess amounts, perks and even claim turn around times. You will be surprised at how easy the final choice can be if you are properly informed.

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