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When looking for car insurance we all set about a wild goose chase looking for a car insurance company that offers the best rates and services. When making contact with one of these insurance companies, it is important that you understand exactly what factors will affect your insurance premiums and how the process of insuring and claiming works. African Independent Brokers take the guess work and hassles out of insurance.

African Independent Brokers is one car insurance company that offers value for money and service that is second to none. With this in mind, they like to inform their clients that the following will affect the final cost of their monthly insurance premiums:

  • Your age : younger drivers usually have higher insurance premiums each month due to being seen as inexperienced drivers and “high risk”
  • Gender: Believe it or not, women do really receive cheaper insurance premiums as far as the statistics show.
  • Your marital status: Married people generally receive a lower insurance premium!
  • Type of car you are driving: if you purchase and insure a cheap vehicle, your premiums will be considerably less than insuring a top quality sports car.
  • Location: where you live will directly affect your insurance premiums. If you live in a high risk area, your premiums can be expected to be high.
  • Security: the type of security measures your car has in place will affect your insurance premiums. If your car has an alarm system and an immobiliser, your insurance premium will be less.
  • Your track record: if you have any accidents or traffic violations on your driving record this will affect your monthly premiums as you will be seen as high risk.
  • Use of your vehicle: if you are simply driving your car to and from work and not using it during the course of the day, your vehicle insurance will be less.

Finding car insurance that suits your needs really is as simple as making contact with African Independent Brokers. Their friendly and trained consultants will be able to assist you in obtaining the best premium possible and the best part…you won’t have to grovel for it. African Independent Brokers strive to make your insurance experience a pleasant one.

If it’s a reliable and trustworthy car insurance company you are looking for, then be sure to contact African Independent Brokers. Always willing to take your calls and ensure that you can drive with an unburdened sense of freedom!

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