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With the age of the internet and email, who really needs to actually make calls or even visit stores anymore? Most of us live our lives virtually by making purchases and arrangements online. The online world has brought affordability and convenience directly to our door steps and what’s even better is that we can complete all these transactions while sitting in our pyjamas in the lounge! What would the internet be if it didn’t also offer car insurance online?

Finding the right car insurance online for you is as simple as visiting the website of African Independent Brokers. While this insurance company puts the customer first, offers a personalised service and value for money, they still take the online client into account and offer the opportunity for you to request a quote online. Insuring your car has never been as convenient as this. When you get to African Independents’ website you will find a host of information for you to browse. If you like what you see, simply click on “quick quote” and you will quickly and easily be able to obtain a car insurance quote that is right for you!

With African Independent Brokers, insurance isn’t a time consuming and harrowing procedure. The set up process is as quick as their hassle free claims procedure and this is saying a lot! African Independent Brokers promise to bring customer services to new levels and guarantee the best insurance premiums in the business! The following added benefits can also be enjoyed by all clients of African Independent Brokers who sign up online:

  • Free roadside assistance – should you get a flat tyre or your car breaks down, you will be taken care of!
  • Free emergency services – if you are in an accident, you will have peace of mind that help will be on its way.
  • Free emergency medical services – if you have a medical mishap at home or on the road, you will definitely be taken care of!
  • Free legal advice – should you need any advice on laws and legalities, you will have direct access to assistance.
  • Discounts on accommodation, magazine subscriptions, transport, life style items and even furniture.

African Independent Brokers really strives to make the process of setting up your car insurance online (or offline) a pleasant and rewarding experience. Take the time to add something to your life that can only provide peace of mind and value – insure with African Independent Brokers today!

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