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If you are trying to purchase a new car or a second hand car through a dealer then you are probably aware that you cannot complete the purchase without an insurance policy in place. If you are buying the car with the assistance of a vehicle loan, then they usually insist that comprehensive cover is taken out. Buying a new can be a very exciting experience and the concept of new car insurance seems to take second place in our minds.

New car insurance can be quite a process to set up. Usually there is a great deal of forms to fill out, agreements to sign and evaluations to take place, but not with African Independent Brokers. This insurance company prides itself on offering hassle free insurance that is so easy to set up that it can even be done over the phone! Obtaining comprehensive insurance cover for a new car is fairly simple and you will receive immediate cover! In the event of you having an accident or having your car stolen, you will find the staff willing and able to assist you in any way possible and will ensure that your claims process is not as traumatic as the experience you have just had. Allow African Independent Brokers to manage your entire insurance experience and you will definitely not be disappointed.

Partnering with some of the country’s leading insurers, African Independent Brokers are able to promise you the very best insurance premiums and VIP service at all times. All excesses remain an affordable payment for all clients and each policy is designed with care and each client’s unique needs and financial limitations in mind. Once you have spoken to a broker or consultant at African Independent Brokers, you will be supplied with your policy information to supply to the dealership you are purchasing your new car through. For absolute convenience, the consultant can even send the information directly to the dealership on your behalf. Customer service really is important at African Independent Brokers.

Should you sign up for new car insurance with African Independent Brokers, you will be opening the doors to a wealth of specials and discounts. Not only will you have the benefit of knowing that should your new car break down on the highway, someone will come out and assist you free of charge, but you will also have access to free emergency medical and legal assistance! These services are usually very expensive if they are not offered as part of your insurance policy. Other perks such as discounts on accommodation, transport, magazines and life style products are also enjoyed by African Independents clients.

Save yourself the hassle of having an insurance policy you cannot rely on and add value to your life by signing up with African Independent Brokers today!

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