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Insurance Articles - Small Business Insurance

If you own a small business, can you really be without small business insurance? No business is too small to have insurance! If your business has equipment, tools, stock or any items that are essential to the smooth running of the business, then you need insurance. Accidents happen, thefts occur and people lose things and this could drastically affect your business! With African Independent Brokers on your side, these occurrences can be swiftly dealt with and your life can be back to running smoothly in no time at all!

African Independent Brokers offers a fantastic range of small business insurance policies that can cover the following items (and more):

  • Vehicles
  • Business computers
  • Office furniture
  • Business equipment (cameras, machinery etc)
  • Business tools
  • Business buildings
  • Mobile possessions (cell phones, laptops)

The beauty of insuring with African Independent Brokers are that all you need to do is make one simple call and your insurance can be activated right away. Cover is made available immediately and should you need to make a claim, the process is as simple as making another call and chatting to one of the friendly consultants in the claims department.

Insurance for a small business will cover you against injuries that clients may suffer when visiting your business premises; cover you against loss of items that may be mobile; cover against items that may be stolen while clients are on your premises or during a break-in; cover against damage to items within the business due to accidents or in the event of a fire or flooding. It is important to go over your insurance policy carefully in order to see exactly where you are covered and where you aren’t. Some insurance covers may not include natural disasters in their cover such as lightening strikes or flooding whereas others will. It is particularly important to know exactly what your business is covered for.

African Independent Brokerss small business insurance also allows for you and your employees to have access to great discounts and specials offers when it comes to transport, accommodation and many other life style items. You can also rest assured in the fact that if your employees encounter a roadside, medical or legal emergency, they will have immediate and free access to assistance. Take the time to insure your business, regardless of how small it is – talk to an African Independent Brokers consultant today!

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