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Insurance Articles - Cheap Car Insurance Quotes

Everywhere you look you can find advertisements and articles on where to find cheap car insurance quotes. The reality of the matter is that not all these quotes will be cheap for everyone. One person’s cheap could very well be another’s “unaffordable”. Finding affordable car insurance is generally tough, especially during the economic downturn…finding cheap car insurance sometimes feels impossible. The fact remains, if you look around and be upfront with the potential insurers, you will probably find a company who will be able to offer you exactly what you are after and at a monthly premium that you can actually afford.

While cheap car insurance quotes are definitely available, you need to watch out for and enquire about the following:

  • The excess. If the monthly premiums are very cheap, then the excess amount could be high. Be sure to enquire about this.
  • Is the cover comprehensive? If the insurance quote is very cheap and the premiums seem very low, you could be being quoted for limited cover or theft excluded cover instead of comprehensive cover.
  • Does the policy offer third party cover? If your vehicle causes damage to another person’s property or vehicle…will your insurance cover this?
  • Does your insurance offer added services such as free emergency roadside assistance, medical assistance or even a home call-out service? Sometimes cheaper insurance premiums mean no perks!
  • Are all the expenses included? Sometimes cheap car insurance quotes do not include broker’s fees, admin fees and other hidden fees. Make sure that all the costs are included on the quote.
  • Additional cover may not be included in the quote if it seems too cheap. The insurance policy may not cover items such as your sound system, car contents (should it be broken into) and mags. Be sure to enquire if this cover is included or excluded.

Once you have gotten the answers to the above concerns, you can compare quotes and make a decision as to whether the cheap car insurance quote is genuinely a fantastic quote offering a great service at an affordable rate or simply a clever way of locking innocent members of the public into insurance premiums and hidden fees.
Be sure to read all the small print as well as the terms and conditions that are usually supplied with each cheap car insurance quote. Make an informed decision that will positively affect your life.

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