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Get Cheap Car Insurance with African Independent Brokers Today

If you are looking to get cheap car insurance then African Independent Brokers are just the place to go. Here you can expect to receive full comprehensive cover at a rate that you can afford. Being covered in all situations is something we all desire and with the help of the African Independent Brokers team you can have complete peace of mind in your insurance cover.

If you get cheap car insurance from African Independent Brokers you will benefit from a wealth of perks and benefits that will make your insurance cover seem all the more worthwhile. Cost effective monthly premiums and reasonable excess amounts are just the start to what you can expect. African Independent Brokers’ comprehensive cover will ensure that you are protected for the following:

  • Accidental damage to your vehicle
  • Damage to a third party’s vehicle or property through fault of your own
  • Theft of your vehicle

Cheap car insurance is made possible with African Independent Brokers due to their relationship and partnership with leading insurance providers in the country. This ensures that they have access to and are able to provide their clients with access to the best rates and cover available on the market.

Their insurance packages all offer 24 hour VIP client care services, access to an unburdened claims procedure and immediate cover which can be set in place telephonically. Optional extras exist in a variety of services that make up the Gold Club membership. As a Gold Club member you will be provided with access to 24 hour roadside assistance, emergency medical assistance (with both air and road transfer), legal advice which is provided telephonically and household call out.

When looking to get cheap car insurance you have come to just the right place. Take the time to contact African Independent and chat to them about your insurance needs and budget. You will find that this team is more than willing to go beyond the call of duty to provide you with insurance cover that enables you to drive your vehicle with an unburdened sense of freedom. Waste no more time – make that call today.

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Not insured with us? Get an insurance quote now to see for yourself what makes African Independent Brokers the best choice. We believe that our customers look to us for insurance with real added value as well as service that exceeds their expectations. You will be provided with up to 5 different quotes to suit your needs and budget!

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