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Insurance Articles - Household Contents Insurance

When we think of insurance, many of our minds leap directly to just vehicle insurance, but what about household contents insurance? What if you go out one morning and return home to find your expensive flat screen TV, lounge suite, new washing machine and laptop stolen? Apart from the feelings of having your privacy and place of safety invaded, the financial implications could really have a negative effect on your budget! Having to replace all those items at once can be an expensive and overwhelming experience. This is why having some sort of household insurance is of utmost importance.

How do you go about getting household insurance and what factors affect the amount of your monthly premiums? The answer is as simple as deciding what you want covered and at what value. Then simply contact African Independent Brokers to discuss your insurance options!

The beauty of household contents insurance is that you do not need to insure absolutely everything in the house. You could, for example, insure expensive musical equipment, laptops, televisions, xbox and sound systems but not insure your electric beater, microwave or old furniture in the spare room. What will affect the amount of your monthly premiums? Consider the following affecting factors:

  • Insure the items at their replacement value. Do not be extravagant when insuring values on items within your house.
  • Your location will affect the monthly premiums. If you stay in a high risk area with empty fields around your property, your premiums could be slightly higher.
  • Your household security comes into play as well. Make sure your alarm is always set when you are out of the house. Having burglar guards over all the opening and non-opening windows will also help bring your premiums down.
  • Type of materials your house is built out of will also affect the monthly premium amount. If you live in a thatch roofed house, your premiums will be higher. If the thatch roofed house has no fire hose, the premiums will be even higher!

Be sure to consider all these factors before talking to the insurance brokers who will assist you with setting up your insurance cover policy.

Setting up your household contents insurance is easy when assisted by one of African Independents helpful and intelligent consultants. Be sure to browse through your household insurance options with them today!

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