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If you would like to leave your house each morning with complete peace of mind that your valuable possessions are taken care of, then obtaining household insurance is definitely something you need to do. If the thought of going through the whole process of setting up household insurance makes you cringe then African Independent have a fantastic surprise for you! Obtaining insurance for your household goods has never been easier with just a few moments to set everything up and your cover being immediate – what more could one ask for?!

It is important to know exactly what your insurance company is going to cover you for. Will they allow you to claim if your laptop suddenly stops working? What if you drop your television set? Will they replace your cell phone if you accidentally drop it in the pool? Be sure to ask these questions and get answers that satisfy you. Most insurance companies will cover your items if you drop them or accidentally damage them, but won’t allow you to claim if it stops working due to old age. Be sure that you know exactly what you are paying for with your monthly insurance premiums.

This being said, what exactly does African Independents’ home cover offer you? When insured by this innovative company, you can expect to be covered for the following:

  • Theft of items from your house in the event of a break-in
  • Damage to possessions within your house due to accidents
  • Medical expenses incurred due to injuries sustained in your house due to building defects or caused by a pet
  • Belongings of guests being stolen or damaged while on your premises
  • Damage to your possessions while being transported by a removals truck or trailer

Your household insurance with African Independent Brokers don’t stop there; this insurance policy will also cover any damage or loss of specified or unspecified portable items such as cell phones, ipods, musical equipment and even jewellery. If you are looking for an unburdened insurance cover that offers immediate cover, no fussing and filling out of forms, VIP client services and a fast and efficient claims procedure, then African Independent Brokers have the perfect tailor-made insurance package for you. Don’t just trust anyone with your valuable and sentimental possessions…only trust the best!

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