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Compare and save on your car and household insurance

The simplest way to save money on your car and household insurance is to compare different policies and switch to a cheaper insurance product. An independent insurance broker will help you to find the best value car and household insurance, saving you money and ensuring you get the cover you need.

Many people consider car and household insurance an indispensible part of their personal financial planning. Having to repair or replace an expensive, and often indispensible, asset at a moment’s notice can be a significant financial burden. An unexpected car accident or household disaster can even land the owner in unmanageable debt. Car and household cover offers protection against these losses.

Lower car and household premiums

Household and motor insurance is important, but that does not mean it has to be expensive. South Africa has a competitive insurance market, with a number of quality products available to suit different insurance needs. An independent insurance broker will guide customers through the different options and help to find the most appropriate products at the best available price.

Even if you already have insurance, by comparing the policies on the market it is often possible to switch car and household policies and save on your monthly premiums.

Get the right level of cover

You can save on household and car insurance by only paying for the insurance you really need. If you drive a new vehicle or a valuable sports car it is probably prudent to have a comprehensive car insurance policy. On the other hand, if you drive an older vehicle that has been fully paid off, it could make sound financial sense to choose only to have third party car insurance.

Household and home contents insurance is similar. Depending on your budget and risks, it could make sense to insure your home contents for their full replacement value, at a higher monthly premium.

Calculating the costs and benefits is not always straightforward, but an insurance broker with extensive experience of the market can explain the options and advise you on the best and most affordable policies.

Get better cover for less

Comparing household and motor insurance can not only save you money – it can help you get better insurance. When you compare insurance products you may find that you can get more extensive cover without paying a higher premium.

By understanding your personal insurance needs and comparing different products on the market, you can save money on car and household insurance. In addition, by improving safety and security measures in your car and home, it is often possible to reduce your household and motor insurance premiums. Ask your broker to assess your risk profile and provide a specific plan to lower your insurance costs.

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Compare and save on insurance in South Africa with African Independent Brokers. Speak to an African Independent Brokers broker for cheap car insurance and household insurance quotes.

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