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For many people, their home is their greatest asset. Household insurance is an effective way of protecting this major asset from loss or damage.

Household insurance is available to provide cover against damage to the structure of your home in the event of accidental or intentional damage. In addition, home contents insurance is available to provide protection against damage or loss of household good. This type of household insurance provides peace of mind in the event of theft, flooding and other unforeseeable events.

Beyond the sentimental attachment to household goods, damage to valuables such as your flat screen TV, lounge suite, new washing machine or laptop could put you seriously out of pocket. Household insurance lets you manage this risk, financially protecting you in the event of such a loss.

In addition to the financial losses, damage to your property or to household goods can seriously disrupt your lifestyle. Household insurance provides the means to restore your property and keep this disruption to an absolute minimum.

If you decide to rent your property out for additional income then it is of particular importance to have reliable and cost effective household insurance in place. This will protect you should your tenant turn out to be unreliable or reckless when it comes to the safety of your property.

Household insurance will generally provide cover for fire, lightning, storm, flood, vehicle impact, theft and even malicious and intentional damage. Home contents insurance will provide cover for the items in your house in the event of a break-in or other event.

Africa Independent are leading South African insurance brokers offering affordable household insurance cover in South Africa.

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