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Ask Various Insurance Companies, What Does Household Content Include?

When looking into the different types of household insurance available on the South African market, one must eventually ask themselves questions like “What does household content include?” When taking out this type of insurance, what can you expect to be covered and at what cost?

When asking “what does household content include?” the answer should be simple - all the content within your home, but it really isn’t as simple as that. Each insurance company is different and each policy unique, which means that sometimes not everything is covered. Some insurance policies work on specified items whereas others will cater to non specified items within your home. Household content usually includes furniture, appliances, clothing, electronic equipment, software and so on, but does not necessarily include the structure or building of your home with its fixtures and fittings (this is usually covered by building insurance).

When thinking about taking out household insurance be sure to approach potential insurers with an up to date list of valuables within your home. Remember to let your insurer know should you buy new furniture, equipment and so on, as they will need to update their records and ensure that your items are insured for the correct amount.

African Independent Brokers are a local insurance company that takes household content insurance to new heights. Their household insurance package ensures that clients can have complete peace of mind that their items are protected from accidental damage, loss and theft. Their cover is immediate, can be set in place over the phone and clients are given 24 hour access to VIP client care services.

When investigating household insurance, take the time to ask various insurance companies “what does household content include?” You will find that this varies from insurance company to insurance company. Contact African Independent for more information and advice on their household content insurance packages today.

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