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African Independent Brokers Insurance Articles

Insurance For Contractors Articles

  • Independent contractor insurance Being a contractor in South Africa is a tough job. Early mornings, lots of driving around and strenuous physical labour all begin to take their toll.
  • Contractor Vehicle Insurance Contractor vehicle insurance is insurance that caters to the needs of independent contractors.
  • General Contractor Insurance Are you a general contractor? Do you qualify for general contractor insurance, and if you do, will this mean that you pay more for your monthly premiums than the average business?
  • Small Contractor Insurance Are you a small independent contractor that is simply paying too much for your insurance? If you answered "yes" and you are using a bakkie or LDV that is less than 10 000 Kg’s then African Independent Brokers have just the small contractor insurance package for you.
  • Insurance for independent contractors Finding insurance for independent contactors is made a hassle free and unburdened task with the help of African Independent Brokers. This innovative team of independent insurance brokers aim to bring affordable insurance to all, and that includes independent contractors!
  • Independent Contractors Insurance If you are an independent contractor that makes use of a bakkie or truck that is less than 10 000kg’s then you will need independent contractors insurance.
  • Insurance for Contractors If you are an independent contractor and would like to have insurance set in place then African Independent Brokers have the solution for you! Insurance for contractors does not have to be a difficult and time consuming task.


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