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Car Insurance Quotes South Africa

Everywhere you look in South Africa you can see companies advertising their cheap insurance packages and policies. Obtaining car insurance quotes in South Africa is definitely not a difficult task... finding the right quote for you may be slightly more difficult! The reality is that not all insurance quotes offer the same packages. While one may offer a great monthly premium, it may be due to limited cover or strict terms and conditions. With the current economic downturn... finding vehicle insurance that meets with both you needs and budget can sometimes feel impossible. If you look around and are upfront and honest about your needs and budget, then you should find insurance companies that can tailor-make an insurance package to suit your unique needs. African Independent Brokers are one such insurance company!

While obtaining car insurance quotes in South Africa is definitely easy, you will need to watch out for and maybe even enquire about the following points:

  • Make sure that the excess amount is affordable. Also check to see that seemingly affordable monthly premiums aren’t due to an inflated excess amount
  • Are they offering full comprehensive cover that will cover you for accident damage, theft, loss and even third party damage? If the monthly premiums seem very cheap, just double check that the cover offered is not limited or with exclusions
  • Are there free services offered such as emergency roadside assistance, medical assistance or even a home call-out service? An insurance policy with great benefits such as these can add value to your life!
  • Make sure all the fees are included in your quote. Broker’s fees, admin fees and any hidden fees can sometimes increase your premiums!
  • Ensure that there is additional cover for car contents, sound systems and even mag wheels included. If it is not specified, it may not be included

Don’t make the mistake of signing up with inferior insurance companies. African Independent Brokers can tailor-made a comprehensive insurance package to meet with all your needs. What’s more is that you can set up and activate your insurance over the phone. You will not need to fuss over any paper work or documentation! Unburdened and hassle free insurance is the name of the game with African Independent

If you are looking for car insurance quotes in South Africa that you can take seriously, then contact African Independent Brokers. They can provide you with a complete vehicle insurance solution with up to 5 different insurance quotes.

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Not insured with us? Get an insurance quote now to see for yourself what makes African Independent Brokers the best choice. We believe that our customers look to us for insurance with real added value as well as service that exceeds their expectations. You will be provided with up to 5 different quotes to suit your needs and budget!

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