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Insurance Articles - Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Commercial vehicle insurance is made a simple process with African Independent Brokers! Forget filling our lengthy forms and sending countless faxes. African Independent Brokers can set up your commercial vehicle insurance over the phone! Unburdened insurance is exactly what you will get when insuring through this innovative insurance company! African Independent Brokers are taking the world by storm, one satisfied customer at a time!

African Independent Brokerss’ commercial vehicle insurance allows for small businesses to have complete peace of mind that their vehicle or vehicles are completely covered at all times. The commercial insurance package offers you unburdened cover in the form of:

  • No forms to fill in – the entire process can be done over the phone.
  • Immediate cover.
  • VIP client services for all clients
  • Hassle free claims procedure that will save you effort and stress.

You can expect to be covered for any loss or damage incurred by your vehicle due to an accident or theft. African Independent Brokers even go the extra mile by offering you third party cover in case there is any damaged caused to someone else’s vehicle during an accident or your vehicle being used. This type of cover will ensure that you and your staff can drive around with a spirit of independence. What more could you possibly expect from your insurance company?

What’s more is that commercial vehicle insurance with African Independent Brokers will offer you great benefits such as free roadside assistance, free emergency medical assistance, free legal advice and even fantastic discounts from a variety of companies that offer furniture, accommodation, transport, appliances, magazine subscriptions and even cellular items at great prices. If you are looking for an insurance company that will add a great deal to your life while still providing you with world class client care and support, then African Independent Brokers are the insurance company for you. Make that call today. Start enjoying insurance that offers you a sense of unburdened freedom with the knowledge that your insurance company is on your side, working with you!

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