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If you would like to ensure that you are receiving the very best insurance premiums then the only way to go about it is to compare insurance quotes. Allow African Independent Brokers to provide you with a quote to compare to – you will be thoroughly impressed and this is guaranteed.

Why should you compare insurance quotes with African Independent Brokers? It’s simple. African Independent Brokers are striving to not only be the best insurance company in South Africa, but the best insurance company in the world! With this vision in mind, they set out to provide the best insurance premiums possible along with VIP client services and absolute value for money. When making contact with an African Independent Brokers consultant, you will find that they are highly qualified, have fantastic product knowledge and provide you with prompt, efficient and friendly service.

When you compare quotes, look at the services offered by African Independent Brokers.

  • Paper free sign up process with no forms to be signed.
  • Low monthly premiums to save you money.
  • VIP client services keeping you updated at all times.
  • Hassle free claims procedure should something happen and you need to claim.
  • Benefits in the form of roadside assistance, medical assistance, legal advice and house call out services.
  • Perks in the form of discounts on furniture, accommodation, cellular items, transport, life style items and magazine subscriptions.
  • Affordable excess amounts.

Can the other insurance companies match the services at the same great rate as African Independent Brokers? Do they offer all the same benefits and perks free of charge like African Independent Brokers does? Can the other insurance companies offer you the same efficient, personalised service that African Independent Brokers delivers every time, without fail? These are all great questions to ask your self when making this comparison.

When you compare insurance quotes and information with that which is provided from African Independent Brokers, it will be clear which insurance company is really in it for you! Support an insurance company that has your best interests at heart and sets out to offer you insurance that is unburdened. Free yourself from the shackles of inferior and expensive insurance…join African Independent Brokers today and save.

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Not insured with us? Get an insurance quote now to see for yourself what makes African Independent Brokers the best choice. We believe that our customers look to us for insurance with real added value as well as service that exceeds their expectations. You will be provided with up to 5 different quotes to suit your needs and budget!

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