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Insurance Articles - Household Insurance Quotes

What exactly are you looking for when you go in search of household insurance quotes? Is the monthly premium amount the bottom line, or is it the actual policy and value for money that is a final deciding factor for you? What if you could have both the low monthly premiums and the great insurance cover in place? African Independent Brokers offers exactly that! If you insure through African Independent Brokers you are guaranteed to receive household insurance that caters to your every need. Each policy is tailor-made to suit the needs of the individual.

When asking for household insurance quotes from African Independent Brokers you can expect to see cover that includes the following:

  • Items damaged at your home during day to day living.
  • Items stolen from your home in the event of a break in.
  • Guests belongings that may be damaged or stolen from your home.
  • Medical claims brought on by damage caused by your buildings’ defect or one of your pets.
  • Items being damaged while being transported in a removals truck.

This type of household cover is coupled with excellent immediate cover, VIP client services, a paper free registration process and a completely hassle free claims procedure makes insuring with African Independent Brokers an absolute dream.

When insuring your household items with African Independent Brokers, you can also expect to have full access to additional benefits such as free roadside call-out services, free medical call-out services, free household call-out services and even free legal call-out services. If you think that this adds value to your household insurance package, then think again! African Independent Brokers clients also receive a wealth of perks when becoming part of the family! Discounts on accommodation, transport, appliances, furniture, cellular, magazine subscriptions, vehicle parts and even life style products are guaranteed! You certainly get a lot more out when insuring through African Independent Brokers.

Make contact with African Independent Brokers today and receive a household insurance quote that will have you feeling secure and at peace when leaving your household possessions unattended. African Independent Brokers – unburdened insurance that will set you free!

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