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How to Save on Insurance – 5 Simple Ways

We all know that affording our monthly expenses in this day and age can be tough, especially with the recent tough economic crises. Making sure that you save where you can is vitally important. Being spend thrift is definitely the way forward if you care about your future and the future of your family. Insurance is just one of those necessities where one cannot compromise on coverage. Knowing how to save on insurance premiums is essential if you want to keep your general monthly expenditure at a minimum.

If you want to know how to save on insurance then you have certainly come to the right place. Consider the following pointers and you will find that your monthly premium can be brought right down:

  • What is your excess amount? Sometimes increasing your excess amount can bring your monthly premiums down. Just be careful not to increase your excess to an amount you will not be able to afford, should you need to claim.
  • Security measures in place can help reduce premiums for both household and vehicle insurance. The more security features you have in place, the lower you can expect your insurance premium to be.
  • Keep your claims record clean. If you are a client that has a record of constantly claiming, you will be viewed as high risk and can expect your premiums to reflect this risk.
  • Area is important. If you are looking for household or vehicle insurance and you reside in an unsafe area, your premiums will be higher than those staying in safer areas.
  • Make sure that your insurance broker is aware of your exact needs and is able to tailor-make an insurance policy to suit both your needs and budget. If you can cut out the frills that you do not need, you can save on your insurance costs.

While we all want to save on our insurance costs it is still important to ensure that the insurance provider is able to offer you a comprehensive insurance package that offers you everything you need and more. African Independent Brokers are a company that offers to tailor-make insurance solutions for their clients while providing immediate cover, 24 hour VIP client care services and host of additional cover packages.

Take the time to contact African Independent and chat to them about how to save on insurance costs each month. You will find their staff members more than willing to assist you with all you need.

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