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Processing Car Accident Claims with the RAF

Car accidentstatistics in South Africa are absolutely shocking. Just last December our South African roads played unfortunate host to over 980 vehicle accidents where over 1000 people lost their lives. While there are many safety warnings and precautions set in place on our roads, avoiding all accidents is almost impossible. For this reason all road users are made aware that there is recourse should they be involved in a road accident.

As a car accident victim you can take several steps to ensuring that you are fairly compensated. The Road Accident Fund is a national initiative that has been set in place to compensate those involved in road accidents. Unfortunately attempted fraudulent and false claims against this fund have made it necessary to make it quite difficult to process even a genuine claim.  Your best chance of successfully processing a claim against the Road Accident Fund is by being a member of Road Cover through African Independent Brokers. As a member of this cover you will find the experts at African Independent Brokers to be able to assist you with the following:

  • Providing advice on whether your claim has meri
  • Gathering of the correct documentation and submitting it to the Road Accident Fund in the correct manner
  • Assist you with any medico-legal reports that may be required in order to process your claim
  • Assist with all follow up on your claim and its progress with the Road Accident Fund
  • Facilitate the administrative work involved in any claim that is paid out to you

By following the correct procedure and having the right professionals on your side, you can expect to receive compensation for any car accident you are involved in.

Take the time to contact African Independent and discuss your car accident compensation options with them today. You will find that with their help and the protection of Road Cover all your accident claims can be sorted out with very little frustration and expense.

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