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Processing an RAF Claim for a Car Injury

Suffering a car injury as a result of a road accident can be both painful and debilitating. South Africa’s roads are known to be dangerous, experiencing just short of a thousand vehicle accidents just last December (2009). While our road accident statistics soar a need for road accident and injury compensation arose. This is where the Road Accident Fund comes in. This is a fund set in place to fairly compensate victims of road accidents.

If you have suffered a car injury from an accident then you are going to need to know what the process is for claiming against the Road Accident Fund. It is unfortunate that many injuries are as the result of negligent driving by a third party. Many a time drivers are suffering from fatigue, worn out shocks or brakes and sometimes even tyre blowouts. The most common injury suffered is whiplash. This is when the soft muscle tissue of the neck is damaged to due to sudden impact or jolt. This can be quite a debilitating injury that requires intensive and often long treatment. Facial injuries or scars are another common injury suffered by accident victims.

After a car accident many fear a concussion. This is not often immediately noticeable and if you are involved in an accident it is advised to spend time in the company of others or at least go to the hospital for a check up before returning home to rest. More extreme vehicle accident injuries include the loss of limbs such as arms and legs and less severe cases can involve an accident victim losing fingers and toes. When experiencing any of these injuries you are going to need to claim from the Road Accident Fund. This claims process is made a great deal easier with the assistance of African Independent Brokers and Road Cover. By being a member of this cover you can have all the administrative work taken care of and your entire claims process managed

If you have suffered a car injury and would like to ensure that you are able to successfully process a claim then take the time to contact African Independent for more information and advice today

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