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How to Process Road Accident Claims

In years gone by many people have tried to fraudulently process claims against the RAF (Road Accident Fund). Unfortunately this has negatively affected the system for actual victims of road accidents as it has become quite a difficult and sometimes even costly procedure to successfully process a claim. The Road Accident Fund was originally set in place to make funds accessible to those who had suffered a severe injury or loss through an accident. Road accident claims now require a medical report from medical professionals as well as the claimant to be represented by a legal entity.

The easiest way to process road accident claims with the Road Accident Fund is by registering for Road Cover with African Independent Brokers. With the help of this team you can register your claim, have the correct documentation submitted first time around, be kept up to date with the progress of your claim and the settlement amount and have the claim properly finalised. All these services are readily provided to Road Cover members by the African Independent Brokers and Road Cover. The African Independent Brokers team will ensure that you are able to go through the process void of hassles and issues. They will assist you by providing you with vital advice and also assess the merits of your claim before they go ahead with processing it on your behalf.

You can process a claim against the RAF if you are involved in an accident with a third party and thus making sure that you speak to experienced professionals in the industry would be in your best interests before you process a claim. If you are unsure how to successfully process road accident claims then take the time to contact African Independent and chat to them about the options available to you. They will ensure that your road accident claim experience is one free from stress and strain.

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