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Understanding Road Accident Compensation

Being involved in an accident can result in you being entitled to road accident compensation. Most road accident claims can range from R25 000 to as much as R50 million. Knowing what to do and how to claim can, however be quite an overwhelming and confusing process, especially when dealing with the Road Accident Fund. Being a member of Road Cover through African Independent Brokers can simplify the process for you.

African Independent Brokers will advise you sufficiently on the ins and outs of the claims and compensation process. You will undoubtedly learn that there are various factors that affect the amount of your road accident compensation. The damages sustained are one of the factors that influence the payout. Depending on the damages, an amount is often determined according to past payouts. If you have similar damages to a previous case, you can expect to be paid out a similar amount. Injuries sustained are also taken into account. For instance, whiplash which is a regular occurrence, can receive a payout of between R16 000 and R60 000. Treatment required for this injury will usually be covered.

Loss of income can also be paid for should you not be able to go back to work immediately. Your job type and salary are used to work out a fair compensation amount. Past and future medical expenses can also be claimed for. If you have kept all records of medical treatment in the past, African Independent Brokers will help you claim against the Road Accident Fund. Future medical expenses will need to be determined by undergoing medico-legal reports before a compensation amount can be decided on.

Being a member of Road Cover will ensure that you need not worry about the administrative work involved in processing a claim. Having an experienced and professional consultant on your side will mean that you can process your claim with little stress and expense.

Take the time to contact African Independent and discuss your options when it comes to road accident compensation today.

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