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African Independent Brokers Insurance Articles

Truck Insurance Articles

  • Commercial Insurance for Trucks Commercial insurance for trucks is one of African Independents tailor-made insurance packages for independent contractors and small business owners.
  • Contractor Truck Insurance Being a small independent contractor and finding suitable contractor truck insurance is made a completely simple task with the help of African Independent Brokers.
  • Small truck insurance African Independent Brokers are a local independent insurance company that offers a special type of insurance for small trucks that are under 10 000 Kg's.
  • Truck Insurance Truck insurance is not something many of us have to think about, but if you are a small business owner or an independent contractor, then it will definitely strike an interest in you.
  • Insurance for truck Are you an independent contractor that needs insurance for trucks, bakkies or other vehicles and equipment in your business?
  • Commercial Trucking Insurance When it comes to commercial trucking insurance one would usually think it would cost a fortune! With African Independent Brokers this need not be the case.
  • Trucks insurance South Africa Trucks insurance in South Africa is generally more expensive than standard car insurance. Why is this? This is because most insurance companies work out your monthly premium amount by taking into account what type of risk the driver of the vehicle will be.


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