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Insurance Articles - Small Truck Insurance

African Independent Brokers are a local independent insurance company that offers a special type of insurance for small trucks that are under 10 000 Kg’s. This insurance policy is called “Contractorsure” and offers comprehensive cover for independent contractors who are making use of their bakkies and small trucks on a daily basis. Small truck insurance is becoming a popular form of insurance for small contracting businesses.

All members of the Contractorsure policy are given the following benefits:

  • Medical advice and 24 hour roadside medical care is made available should you find yourself in an accident.
  • Legal advice (telephonic) should you find yourself in a sticky situation will always be made available to you.
  • Roadside assistance is made available should you get a flat tyre or run out of fuel.
  • Traffic advice. Telephonic updates on any outstanding fines you may have can be arranged.
  • Office assistance is offered should you run into any plumbing issues, computer issues or even require a locksmith due to locking your keys in the car or office. Help is just a phone call away.

With perks like these, who could turn down such fantastic insurance cover? The truth is that the perks don’t stop there! Members of African Independent Brokers also receive additional access to discounted accommodation, transport, magazine subscriptions, furniture and even life style items.

If you have a small truck or bakkie that you use for business and if you use this to transport stock, tools or business equipment, then small truck insurance is an absolute must! African Independent Brokers will ensure that you receive fast, efficient service and a monthly premium that you can afford. While each insurance package is tailor-made to suit the needs of each and every unique customer, the staff are highly trained and qualified in order to provide you with intelligent and informative advice. Don’t allow your small business to suffer and come to a possible halt due to loss, damage or theft of your truck or even tools. Take action and contact African Independent Brokers today and ensure that your business can run smoothly with an unburdened sense of freedom!

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