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Insurance Articles - Trucks Insurance South Africa

Trucks insurance in South Africa is generally more expensive than standard car insurance. Why is this? This is because most insurance companies work out your monthly premium amount by taking into account what type of risk the driver of the vehicle will be. Truck drivers generally have an elevated premium. The main reason for this is that most truck drivers are driving most of the time. The time they spend on the road in the insured vehicle is far greater than the average person would in their car…and with insurance companies; this is taken into account along with age, driving record, the cost of the truck and so on.

If you are looking for affordable truck insurance, then African Independent Brokers can definitely help! This insurance company offers truck insurance solutions with their Contractorsure package. This insurance package covers trucks and LDV’s that are under 10 000kgs. Contractosure is designed to unburden you from your insurance burdens. Affordable premiums, VIP client care and after sales support with African Independent Brokers are guaranteed. Their truck insurance policy will ensure that you are covered in the event of an accident or in the event of your truck being stolen and this can be done immediately over the phone. No forms need to be filled in, making this insurance package completely hassle free. Trucks insurance in South Africa with African Independent Brokers give each client complete peace of mind.

Contractosure also offers all truck owners the following:

  • R3000 radio cover in case your radio is stolen from your truck.
  • Free installation of a vehicle management system (you will need to pay the month instalments for this system).
  • Cover for your tools should they be kept inside of your truck.

Looking for your trucks insurance in South Africa should be a hassle free experience. You should be able to put in place an insurance policy that offers you a sense of freedom and with African Independent Brokers this is possible. Don’t waste anymore time paying too much for your truck insurance premiums! Contact African Independent Brokers for your insurance solution today!

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