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Car Insurence

Car insurence need not be a costly set up, and with African Independent Brokers it isn’t! This independent insurance company provides customer care and services that go far beyond the call of duty. Their monthly premiums are absolutely affordable and there is a wealth of perks and discounts to be enjoyed by all members. All this is what is getting African Independent Brokers closer to achieving their goal of being the best insurance company in the world.

If you are looking for a car insurence company that is in it for you, then African Independent Brokers are the obvious choice! This insurance company will insure your car at a most affordable rate, and what is more is that they will deliver this service to you as if you are a VIP! Each and every consultant employed by African Independent Brokers are educated; has excellent product knowledge and is highly trained in the industry, ensuring you of the very best service at all times. When insuring with African Independent Brokers you will not be expected to fill out any paperwork. You can set up your insurance policy and have it activated immediately…over the phone! Convenience just doesn’t get better than this! In the event that you need to claim, African Independent Brokers will make the process as unburdened and hassle free as humanly possible. You will simply feel the stress and strain of having to claim from your car insurance dissipate.

When insuring your vehicle with this dynamic and energetic company, you will be covered for accident damage, loss of your vehicle through an accident or theft and even third party cover – just in case you should damage someone else’s vehicle. You will have access to free services such as roadside assistance, emergency medical assistance, legal call-out and household call-out. Other discounts from partner companies are also enjoyed by all members.

If you are looking for unburdened and hassle free car insurence that will give you complete peace of mind, then African Independent Brokers have just the solution for you. Waste no more time – make that call today!

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