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New vehicle insurance

Purchasing a new vehicle in South Africa without having an insurance policy in place is not only advised against, but with most car dealerships, impossible. New vehicle insurance is an absolute necessity. You and the dealership you are purchasing the vehicle from want to know with absolute certainty that your new vehicle is covered from the very moment you turn the key in the ignition. African Independent helps to make this peace of mind a reality. African Independent Brokers will ensure that you can drive your new vehicle out of the showroom with an unburdened sense of freedom. Purchasing a new vehicle should be an exciting experience and this insurance company enable you to enjoy it!

New vehicle insurance with African Independent Brokers are essential if you would like to ensure that you and other drivers on the road are protected against damage caused by any accidents you may be involved in. Without an effective and reliable insurance package in place, the legal and financial implications of an accident could prove devastating. African Independent Brokers wants to ensure that you never even have to consider this possibility. Peace of mind and unburdening you from the burden of insurance is something this insurance company aims at achieving for all its members. What will new vehicle insurance cost you? Insurance premiums are usually worked out by taking the age and driving experience of the purchaser as well as the total value of the vehicle into account. If you purchase the most expensive new car you can find, you will be paying a higher monthly premium than those who purchase new budget vehicles. African Independent Brokers will assist you in obtaining the very lowest vehicle insurance premium available.

When insuring a new vehicle with African Independent Brokers, you will be covered for accident damage, theft of your vehicle and even damage that may occur to a third party’s vehicle. Comprehensive cover like this will not cost you an arm and a leg with African Independent Brokers and you will find that should you need to claim, the procedure will be completely hassle free and unburdened. You can also have access to a variety of free services such as roadside assistance, emergency medical assistance and legal advice.

You do not need to spend days and weeks hunting for an affordable new vehicle insurance solution. African Independent Brokers bring the perfect insurance package options directly to you! Sign up for your vehicle insurance with African Independent Brokers today!

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