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Vehicle insurance rates

With the economy suffering and the average household suffering along with it, it is important to take into account our vehicle insurance rates. Whereas we all may have lived comfortably before, it goes without saying that many of us have to cut back on excessive expenses and sharpen our pencils when it comes to our monthly budgets. African Independent Brokers are an insurance company that offers to bring affordable insurance packages directly to you! With this insurance company affordable does not mean inferior! When signing up for vehicle insurance with them, you are guaranteed to receive the very best service, premiums and packages available.

You may be wondering how exactly African Independent Brokers can make this type of guarantee and the answer is really simple! This independent insurance company has spent a great deal of time partnering with and forming good relationships with some of South Africa’s leading insurers. With this type of backing they are able to bring you the best in the business! When asking African Independent Brokers for a quote, you will find that their vehicle insurance rates are most affordable and still offer a variety of benefits such as great discounts from partner companies and free services including roadside assistance, emergency medical assistance, legal assistance and even household assistance.

Comprehensive vehicle insurance cover with African Independent Brokers will include:

  • Accidental damage and loss cover.
  • Cover for theft in the event of your vehicle being stolen.
  • Third party insurance in case another person’s vehicle is damage through your fault.

This cover can be set in place over the phone and activated immediately! You will not be required to fill out any forms or documentation! You will also find that the claims procedure is completely unburdened and hassle free.

For complete peace of mind that your vehicle is completely covered no matter what happens, contact African Independent for a break down of their services and vehicle insurance rates! This insurance company will enable you to drive around with an unburdened sense of freedom knowing that you are protected and taken care of at all times.

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Not insured with us? Get an insurance quote now to see for yourself what makes African Independent Brokers the best choice. We believe that our customers look to us for insurance with real added value as well as service that exceeds their expectations. You will be provided with up to 5 different quotes to suit your needs and budget!

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