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Best Motor Insurance

African Independent Brokers are not known to be the largest insurance company in the world, but is definitely known to provide the best motor insurance available. Members of this dynamic and dedicated insurance team are reported to have complete peace of mind in their insurance policy and clients are able to drive their vehicles with an unburdened sense of freedom.

When it comes to finding the best motor insurance for you, you will need to take a great deal into consideration. Affordability is definitely important as it is pointless to have an insurance policy in place that you can ill afford. At African Independent Brokers you will find the monthly premiums and excess amounts to be completely affordable on all packages. Being able to rely on your insurance company in all situations is also of utmost importance. African Independent Brokers offer full comprehensive cover for accidental damage, theft and even third party damage. You can even rely on this insurance company to take care of your other needs by providing you with free roadside assistance, free emergency medical assistance, free telephonic legal advice and free household call-out. Great perks and benefits in the form of discounts on accommodation, transport, furniture, appliances, cellular products, vehicle parts, magazine subscriptions and lifestyle products are offered to all members as well.

Regardless of the type of vehicle you own, African Independent Brokers have an affordable insurance solution for you! They will take your needs and budget into serious consideration and tailor-make an insurance package that suits you perfectly! How can they guarantee this? They have partnered with leading insurers in South Africa in order to bring the very best in terms of premiums and services to you. Should you wish to insure with African Independent Brokers, you can set the policy in place over the phone and not have to handle any time consuming paper work. Your cover will be immediate and you will be given access to 24 hour VIP client care services as well as an uncomplicated and hassle-free claims procedure.

If it is the best motor insurance you are looking for, then there is no other course of action than to contact African Independent. This team will ensure that you are completely taken care of every step of the way.

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