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Car Insurance Calculator

When looking for affordable insurance quotes you will usually make use of an online car insurance calculator or even chat to a consultant who will be able to calculate your monthly premiums for you over the phone. Either way, deciding on the right insurance company with the right premiums and cover for you is as simple as contacting African Independent Brokers.

The staff members employed by this independent insurance company are efficient, intelligent and highly trained. They will take your information and particulars, insert them into their car insurance calculator and then work on tailor-making an insurance package that is perfectly suited to both your needs and budget. Your monthly insurance premium will be affected by the following:

  • Your location. If you live in an unsafe area that is well known for crime, your monthly premiums will be higher than if you stayed in a safer area.
  • The security you have in place. If you have your car parked in a garage or behind a locked gate, you can expect your premiums to be less.
  • Your age and driving experience. Younger drivers are usually seen as inexperienced and a higher risk than older drivers. Those under 25 years of age will usually pay slightly inflated premiums.
  • The type of car you are driving. If you are driving a very expensive car, your monthly premiums will reflect that. If you want to keep your insurance premiums down, consider purchasing a vehicle that is well priced.

All these factors will affect the final amount you pay on monthly premiums. While African Independent Brokers offer the lowest premiums and best cover available, working on these factors will still reduce your monthly premiums.

Car insurance with African Independent Brokers are fully comprehensive offering you cover for accident damage, loss and even theft of your vehicle. Third party damage cover is also included to ensure that you are completely covered should you damage another person’s vehicle.

If you would like to work out your monthly premiums, visit African Independent’s website or chat to a consultant about their car insurance calculator options today!

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