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Car Insurance Claim

Have you ever tried to process a car insurance claim with your current insurance company? Was the process drawn out, lengthy and very costly in excess amounts? The fact of the matter remains; most insurance companies impose waiting periods and restrictions on claims making them an unpleasant and complicated task, but not with African Independent Brokers. This independent insurance team will go out of their way to provide you with complete peace of mind that you are covered no matter what.

When insuring your vehicle with African Independent Brokers you will immediately be made aware of their convenient and hassle free procedures. Your insurance policy can be easily set up over the phone with no need to fill out any paper work or take care of any documentation. Their claims procedure is much the same! You won’t be unpleasantly surprised by waiting periods and restrictions. Your car insurance claim will be processed efficiently, ethically and with a sense of urgency. You will not be left sitting without transport due to processing problems and issues. African Independent Brokers ensure that all their clients enjoy full comprehensive cover which means that you can put in a claim should your vehicle be damaged in an accident, lost in an accident, stolen or cause damage to a third party’s vehicle. What’s more is that full comprehensive cover like this won’t cost you an arm and a leg and the excess amounts will be most affordable.

African Independent Brokers offer all its clients friendly VIP client services at all times. Their staff members are highly trained and will be able to provide you with a wealth of information and advice on a variety of vehicle insurance packages. This team will go out of its way to tailor-make a car insurance package that is able to provide you with an unburdened sense of freedom.

If you are looking for hassle free, affordable and convenient car insurance with an equally hassle free car insurance claim procedure, then contact African Independent Brokers for more information and advice today!

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