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What is the function of commercial insurance brokers? The job of a commercial insurance broker is to find the best commercial insurance cover and premiums and bring these offers direct to their clients. Who are their clients? We are. People who are looking for affordable insurance cover for our small business vehicles. Owning a small business will mean that you have a definite budget in place for expenses such as insurance. Insurance should be seen more as an investment than an expense and with the help of African Independent Brokers. you will soon be seeing your insurance that way.

African Independent Brokers are a team of independent commercial insurance brokers who have a variety of insurance packages that can be tailor-made to suit your every need along with the needs and budget of your small business. What exactly can African Independent Brokers offer you in terms of commercial insurance? If you take a moment to chat to one of their friendly consultants, you will discover that African Independent Brokers can offer you comprehensive vehicle cover and small business insurance.

The comprehensive vehicle policy available through African Independent Brokers will cover you for:

  • Damage caused by an accident you may be involved in.
  • Loss of your vehicle due to theft.
  • Third party cover should you damage someone else’s vehicle.

Small business insurance available through African Independent Brokers will cover you for:

  • Accidental damage to stock or business equipment.
  • Accounts receivable. This applies if your records have been destroyed and you are unable to trace money owing to you.
  • Building damages.
  • Electronic equipment can be claimed for such as computers, printers, fax machines etc
  • Fire damage to equipment, stock and records.
  • Glass damages on your premises.
  • Money kept at your premises can be claimed for.
  • Public liability can be claimed for if anyone is injured while on your premises.
  • Office contents such as furniture and equipment can be claimed for.

African Independent Brokerss’ commercial insurance brokers will be able to satisfy your every commercial insurance need and requirement with the best rates guaranteed, a hassle free sign up and claims procedure in place and great benefits. Don’t waste any more time – contact African Independent Brokers today!

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