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Insurance Articles - Insurance for Small Business

If you are looking for affordable insurance for a small business, then African Independent Brokers are just the place to look! This dynamic insurance company is dedicated to hard work, honesty, integrity and passion and ensure that you will receive intelligent, friendly and educated advice and assistance when making contact with them!

Insurance for small business need not be difficult to set up, time consuming or costly. African Independent Brokers will ensure that your entire insurance experience is uncomplicated, unburdened and stress free. Being extremely honest, putting the client first and providing excellent VIP client services is not all that African Independent Brokers are about! This independent insurance company is also about ensuring that each insurance package is tailor-made to the needs of the client. Small businesses can expect to receive the following:

  • An insurance policy that fully looks after your business’ needs so that you can take care of business.
  • Cover for accidental damage in case something should happen to your business assets.
  • Cover for “accounts receivable” in the event of your business documentation being destroyed or lost. You can then recover any amounts outstanding to you if you cannot trace who owes it.
  • Cover for your buildings if they are damaged in an accident.
  • Cover for damage or loss to electronic equipment and software that is registered to you and on your business premises.
  • Cover for losses incurred due to business interruption after equipment is damaged or lost.
  • Cover for fire damage, glass damage and even loss of money on the premises.
  • Cover for injuries that may occur at your premises.
  • Cover for portable items that are often taken away from the business premises.
  • Cover for office contents such as your furniture, stationery and so on.

African Independent Brokers prides itself on being able to provide all these services and more! Added benefits such as free roadside assistance, free emergency medical assistance and even free legal assistance all come standard when taking an insurance policy with African Independent Brokers!

Insurance for a small business is made simple with the likes of African Independent Brokers. Don’t waste any time taking out inferior insurance policies. Trust an insurance company who offers you insurance that truly benefits you and your business! Call African Independent Brokers for a free quote today!

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