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Insurance Articles - Multiple Vehicle Insurance

If you have a small business that has more than one vehicle or are part of a growing family with more than one vehicle, then multiple vehicle insurance through African Independent Brokers are for you! Do not sit idly by as other insurance companies cost you an arm and a leg each month to cover these vehicles. Allow African Independent Brokers to offer you comprehensive cover at a surprisingly affordable rate!

Multiple vehicle insurance has not always been possible as the insurers systems have, in the past, only been able to insure one vehicle per policy. This problem saw many small companies and families using a variety of insurance companies in order to get the very best deal on the over all cost of their vehicle insurance. More affluent insurance companies have now modified and specifically designed their systems to be able to have a variety of vehicles on one policy, bringing the total premium per month down to an affordable rate. This has also helped to save a great deal of admin issues that can arise from using too many companies for one task.

African Independent Brokers is one such multiple vehicle insurance provider who can comprehensively cover a variety of vehicles for you with one renewal date and simplified documentation. While everything can be set up on the phone, the cover will be immediate and you will have access to VIP client services from staff that are well trained and highly qualified in the field. This type of insurance is not just suited to small businesses, but also benefits families who have two or more vehicles. If you have your children staying at home and want to ensure that they are fully covered, simply add their vehicles to your policy! No fuss and no lengthy processes to slow down your day! It really is that simple!

When insuring a variety of vehicles under one umbrella policy, you will find that you will receive discounted premiums if you have more vehicles than you do drivers. This is because it is impossible to make use of all the vehicles at the same time which lessens the risk of accidents. This discount also makes this type of insurance policy ideal for those who are vehicle collectors as the more vehicles on one policy with just one driver, the lower the risk and monthly premium will be.

For multiple vehicle insurance for families, businesses and collectors, be sure to make contact with African Independent Brokers who will show you just how easy insuring a collection of two vehicles or more can actually be!

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