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Even the most conscientious of drivers are at significant financial risk if driving without car insurance. Accidents happen, cars are stolen, and at the end of the day it is better to know that you are covered than to worry about the financial burden you will face in the event of damage to your car.

It is strongly advisable to buy car insurance, as motor insurance is a great way to protect yourself from the financial pitfalls incurred in the event of a car accident or mishap. In return for the modest monthly insurance premiums, the insurer who underwrites your car insurance policy will compensate you for damages to your car suffered from accidents, fires and hailstorms, as well as compensating you for the loss of your car in cases of theft or hijacking.

To protect you against the financial damage of theft and accidents, comprehensive motor cover is the most extensive cover you can get when you buy car insurance, as it will also pay for any damage that you cause to your own vehicle or to other cars, in addition to covering accidental damage and loss due to theft, hi-jacking and fire.

When you buy car insurance, it is important to understand for which circumstances you are covered and what you will be compensated from that cover. At the same time your insurer will request relevant information about you, often including your driving habits, since this has an effect on the insurance premiums of your comprehensive motor cover.

When it comes to compensating you for your losses, the amount paid out by your insurance provider is based on many different factors that make up the specific insurance premiums you are paying to insure your car. These factors include the make and model of your car as well as the age and condition it is in when the policy is signed.

The cost of you insurance will depend on other factors as well. For young drivers, insurance premiums are slightly higher than older drivers. And if you have claimed on your vehicle insurance policy before, your insurance payments on a comprehensive motor cover may be higher.

Africa Independent is an insurance broker with 14 years market experience in the South African insurance Industry. Save money on car insurance by getting an online insurance quote now.

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