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Car insurance cover

When getting car insurance cover there are a range of factors that are taken into account by your car insurance provider. These factors get calculated into the cost of your premium and affect the cost of car insurance cover.

Some of the more important factors include the age of the driver, the driver’s experience and driving record.

Younger drivers tend to have higher motor insurance premiums since they are often less experienced on the road. On the other hand, drivers with good safety records who are over the age of 25 may receive lower insurance premiums on their vehicle cover.

Gender also plays a role, since studies indicate that women drivers are generally more alert and cautious and tend to closely follow the road rules. The same could not be said in similar studies of male drivers, who are now seen as higher risks to insurance companies.

Other factors that could affect the cost of your motor insurance premiums are the type of vehicle you drive, how old the vehicle is, as well as where you live and if your car is properly secured at night and what safety features your car includes.

Insuring sports cars will add to the cost of your car insurance cover, as these vehicles stand a greater risk of being stolen or hijacked, plus there are the inherent dangers of driving a car designed for high speed driving.

The age of the vehicle affects the cost of car insurance cover due to their high risk of age related mechanical problems as well as difficulty in getting parts for older models.

For quality car insurance cover at an affordable price, use African Independent’s online car insurance comparison service.

Africa Independent are leading South African insurance brokers offering affordable car insurance cover in South Africa. African Independent Brokers lets you compare car insurance cover online, assuring you get quality car insurance for less.

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