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Get cheap car insurance quotes

With so much information available on the internet, it is now even easier to get cheap car insurance quotes. But there is also a glut of irrelevant and poor quality information. Finding a reliable source of quality insurance quotes, tailored to your needs, is more important than ever.

Insurance has to be dependable. When you need to make a motor insurance claim, it is often when you are most vulnerable. You need to be able to rely on your insurer at a time when you might need to make urgent payments or are liable for potentially significant costs.

That is why it never pays to get sub-standard insurance or to compromise on cover. However, this does not mean you have to pay excessive premiums. South Africa has a competitive insurance industry, and a savvy broker that puts its clients’ interest first will be able to save you money on good quality car insurance that suits your needs.

To get the best deal on car insurance that will work for you, you will need to compare a number of motor insurance quotes from leading insurers, specifically relating to your vehicle and personal circumstances.

Customised car insurance quotes

A good car insurance comparison service should take into account both your personal information and specific details about your vehicle: the make, model and year. This will provide you with a fine-tuned car insurance quote, so you have an accurate assessment of the cost of insurance, instead of a wide number of vague and inaccurate estimates.

In the past, getting a range of quotes was complicated and time-consuming. You would have to approach a number of insurers, repeating your details to each, and wait repeatedly for a quote to be processed.

This hassle has been eliminated with the advent of broker-powered websites that collate and filter pertinent car insurance information.

Customer service and benefits

You might want more information about available products, or guidance on choosing the right car insurance. So it really helps if the broker is accessible and client-focused, and is prepared to carefully explain the different car insurance policy options to anyone who wants to get good value insurance.

Your broker should also help explain which level of cover is appropriate to your needs and how to get the best quality cover within your budget.

Some brokers even provide customers with additional benefits, on top of their policies. These may include complimentary roadside assistance, emergency medical assistance, and specialised services. Insurance is ultimately about peace-of-mind, which is what makes benefits of this sort a natural complement to a quality insurance package.

About the author:

African Independent Brokers offer cheap car insurance in South Africa, including a range of car insurance quotes leading South African insurers. African Independent Brokers customers receive additional benefits and assistance through the African Independent Brokers Gold Club.

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