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Independent Insurance Brokers

Insurance brokers do more than sell just insurance; they help to ensure that customers understand insurance policies before choosing a product. Independent insurance brokers can offer expert advice on finding the lowest premiums and on getting the right level of insurance cover.

What is an insurance broker?

An insurance broker is a sales agent who works on behalf of one or more insurance companies. The main task of insurance brokers is to sell insurance cover and assist customers in understanding the procedures and terms and conditions when choosing an insurance cover. Insurance brokers will usually have a variety of insurance packages to choose from.

Insurance brokers are the intermediary between you and the insurance company and are dedicated to helping you through every step in the insurance procedure. An independent insurance broker gathers information on the type of service you are looking for and will provide you with as much relevant and informative advice as possible in order to enable you to make an educated decision.

Insurance brokers should make sure that your insurance policy fits your budget and adds value to your life. An insurance broker will also assist you if there are any errors or discrepancies on your policy. Insurance brokers are best suited to drawing up a tailor-made insurance policy that suits the unique needs of each customer.

Choosing an insurance broker

A qualified insurance broker will be able to provide advice about the latest developments in the insurance industry and will be informed about the most innovative insurance policies.

To guarantee that your insurance broker is well placed to offer you quality insurance products, choose a broker that has partnered with reputable insurance underwriters.

An independent insurance broker should be able to meet all your insurance needs, such as business and personal motor insurance, life insurance and household contents insurance.

It’s often helpful to find an independent insurance broker who can offer you immediate cover from the moment you register your policy, as well as a simple claims procedure that will not frustrate you.

Some brokers offer hassle-free registration procedures that can be done over the phone, cutting down on unnecessary paperwork.

Insurance brokers will also be able to offer additional benefits to your insurance cover such as free roadside assistance, emergency medical call out service and even professional legal advice for car insurance cover. All of which can add value to your car insurance policy.

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African Independent Brokers are independent insurance brokers offering quality insurance in South Africa. Contact African Independent Brokers for competitive car insurance quotes and expert insurance advice.

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