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Insurance Explained the Way it should be

In order to understand what insurance is all about, one needs to understand that we live in a world and time where crime is on the increase, danger is around every corner and accidents happen...frequently. Insurance is a safety net for each and every one of us. It is a contract that is set in place where small monthly contributions will ensure that should your valuables be damaged, lost or stolen, you can be compensated financially for the loss. This is insurance explained as simply as possible.

Complete peace of mind that your valuables are covered no matter what happens – insurance explained. This is in fact what insurance is all about. Sometimes we simply cannot outlay the cash to replace or repair items and it is then that we rely on our insurance policies to have us covered. The following types of insurance are available from most South African insurance providers, including African Independent Brokers.

  • Vehicle insurance – this type of insurance usually needs to be fully comprehensive. This means that you and your vehicle will be covered for accidental damage, theft of your vehicle and third party damage.
  • Household insurance – this type of insurance is set in place to protect your household contents (furniture, appliances, personal possessions and fixtures) from damage and theft.
  • Business insurance – this type of insurance protects the general business owner and his or her company from incidents such as property damage, theft or damage of stock and office contents and so on.

How insurance works is that your possessions are evaluated and insured for their replacement value, not their purchase value. This means that your items will usually be insured for slightly more than what you purchased them for. Should you pay your monthly premiums each month, without fail, you will be entitled to claim for the repair or replacement of possessions that may be accidentally damaged, lost or stolen.

In order to have insurance explained to you further, then take the time to contact African Independent for more information and advice. You will find that their friendly and educated consultants are more than willing to assist you in every way.

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