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Why buy insurance through a broker?

There are numerous advantages to buying insurance through a reputable insurance broker. Here are some of the main benefits of using a broker and some tips on choosing an insurance broker.

An expert insurance broker understands the local insurance market and has experience providing a variety of insurance products to many different customers who have different needs and varying budgets. A good insurance broker appreciates that insurance is not one-size-fits-all, and will work with each client to customise the right insurance policy.

An insurance broker will offer advice on how to get the right level of cover, so that customers do not pay excessive premiums for excessive cover while equally making sure that customers receive an adequate level of cover.

When choosing an insurance broker, bear in mind that an expert broker should be able to help you reduce your risk and save money. By taking some basic measures to lower your exposure to risk, it is sometimes possible to lower your insurance premiums. For instance, it is often possible to reduce car insurance premiums by installing enhanced vehicle security. A good insurance broker will explain which measures are most effective at lowering your premiums and provide simple, practical steps to save on insurance.

When buying insurance, an insurance broker will help you to make an informed choice. A broker will explain the different insurance options and can advise which are best suited to your particular requirements.

Some insurance brokers deal with a number of insurers and have access to a wide range of insurance products. This means that the broker is in the best position to customise a policy that gives you the protection you require at the best price.

African Independent Brokers are expert insurance broker, offering top quality insurance from South Africa’s leading insurers. African Independent Brokers emphasise uncompromising customer service – to ensure you find the best insurance deal.

African Independent Brokers insurance clients receive additional insurance benefits, including roadside assistance and special discounts. Contact African Independent to get expert advice from an experienced broker.

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