28th June is International Insurance Awareness Day

Insurance Awareness Day was implemented to ensure that individuals are reminded to go over their insurance plans on a regular basis. It also presents a great opportunity to learn about insurance in general and the different options available, based on individual requirements. This day is another reminder to you, to revise your policies regularly, to ensure that you are not over or under insured!

Insurance is one of those essential items that many people are often hesitant to have but are incredibly grateful for, in their time of need.  This is essentially why insurance exists – not to cause you a headache, but to relieve one in the future.

With over 26 years of experience in the insurance industry, African Independent Brokers offer a wide range of vehicle and home insurance products that are easy to understand, affordable and delivered to our clients with world-class service.

Here are 4 key points on why you should consider purchasing car insurance today, if you do not have insurance cover.

  1. Having a car insurance policy gives you complete peace of mind. If you have an accident and you are responsible for the accident, you will have to pay for your own car’s repairs, as well as the other person’s car. Having insurance means, you will not suffer the financial strain of paying for repairs to both vehicles.
  2. Replaces a stolen car. If you own a car, you can imagine the feeling of dread upon returning to where you parked it, and it is nowhere to be found. With the right car insurance in place, you can get paid out for a stolen vehicle and use the cash to pay towards a replacement car*.
  3. Roadside assistance.  Assistance where you need it!  There are extra benefits to having vehicle insurance.  One such benefit with most insurance companies, is roadside assistance (not offered by all insurers). Whether it is a flat tyre that needs replacing, or you’ve run out of petrol, there’s a service to help. At African Independent, our Gold Club membership ensures that you and your vehicle receive the exceptional service it deserves 24/7*!
  4. Discounts for good driving. Clients of African Independent Brokers can enjoy value for money when they become part of our Smart Driver Programme – where they are rewarded for good driving*.

These are just some benefits of having vehicle insurance.  Our friendly and professional consultants at African Independent Brokers are happy to talk about insurance, discuss your specific requirements, address any concerns, and we can also assist you with competitive quotes. 


Let’s see how we can assist you, because we’re dedicated to delivering world-class services!


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* T & C’s apply. Risk profile and policy dependent.


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