April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month

During the month of April, several organisations unite with the same mission in mind, to encourage everyone to drive with focus and to reach their destination safely. Distracted Driving Awareness Month puts safety first and text messages, arriving on time, and friends under the influence in the back seat.

South Africa has recently adopted a zero-tolerance law for all drivers in South Africa, this means that you as the driver should not have a single drop of alcohol in your system when you get behind the wheel. The days of having a beer after work and driving home are over – and for the better, the recent spikes in vehicle related accidents caused by alcohol consumption has shown that a zero-tolerance law can help save lives.
Distracted driving causes thousands of accidents every year, resulting in expensive vehicle repairs and, sometimes, injuries and deaths. These costs are fully avoidable with responsible driving behaviour.

The four types of distractions are Visual – looking at something other than the road. Auditory – hearing something not related to driving. Manual – manipulating something other than the steering wheel. And Cognitive – thinking about something other than driving. Using a mobile device whilst driving utilises all four of these distraction types.
Whether you take your eyes off the road or your hands off the wheel, all types of distracted driving can increase your risk of having a car accident, suffering major injuries, and even death.

Whether you take your eyes off the road or your hands off the wheel, all types of distracted driving can increase your risk of having a car accident, suffering major injuries, and even death.

Do You Drive While Distracted?

There are many activities that have the potential to distract you while driving and increases your risk of being in an accident. The question is, are you really concentrating on the road?

Ask yourself these 4 questions:

  1. Are you always prepared to avoid cars swerving in front of you?
  2. Can you safely brake if a pedestrian suddenly steps in front of your car?
  3. Can you safely steer around any debris that falls from a truck in front of you?
  4. Do you often read or respond to text messages on your cell phone while you are driving?

Cell phones and Driving:

An international survey that was done of people driving with cell phones found that almost half swerved or drifted into another lane; 23% tailgated, 21% cut someone off and 18% nearly hit another car.

The best advice we can offer you is to completely avoid using your cell phone or any other mobile device such as tablets while driving. If, however, if is unavoidable:

  • Use a hands-free microphone.
  • Ask your passenger to answer the phone for you and keep calls brief.

It is not worth it to answer your cell phone at all while you are driving. If it is an emergency, find a suitable place to pull over in order for you to take the call.

Become a Smart Driver with African Independent Brokers:

Did you know that at African Independent Brokers you can be rewarded for your good driving behaviour? By becoming a client with African Independent Brokers, you can join our Smart Driver Programme and take a proactive step in becoming a safer, smart driver.

The benefits of our Smart Driver Programme include our industry leading Telematics technology portal, as well as our state-of-the-art Telematics Smart Box that can be fitted to your insured vehicle.

If your vehicle suffers an impact due to an accident, our Smart-Box device will send us a crash notification so that we can:

  • Contact you to assess the situation and send help if needed.
  • Contact your emergency contacts if we cannot reach you.
  • Register the claim at the scene of the accident.
  • Provide accurate insurance premiums.

So this April, join us in raising awareness of distracted driving by proactively taking a step in bettering yourself as a driver, with African Independent Brokers you’re not on your own, we’re here to help you reach your potential as a responsible driver.

Contact us at info@africanindependent.co.za or call us at 0861 001 002 and get your quote today.

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