Are you holding your steering wheel correctly?

Holding your steering wheel correctly is one of the most critical steps to ensure safe driving. Good steering wheel control allows you to drive your vehicle more efficiently and safely.

To effectively control your vehicle, both hands must be placed firmly on the steering wheel in the 10 o’clock & 2 o’clock position.

Hold the steering wheel correctly with the thumbs resting on the wheel in the “sharp” position. Do not grip too tightly. Having your thumbs placed on the steering wheel and not wrapped around it, can prevent injury or even broken thumbs, in the event of an airbag deploying.

Here are some tips on steering safely:

  • To have complete control of the vehicle, you must be sitting comfortably, and your arms must reach the steering wheel with ease.
  • Adjust your seat so that you may rest your hands comfortably on the steering wheel. Sitting too far back will force you to stretch your arms out, making them tire easily.
  • Sitting too close will leave little space for your arms to move—a dangerous situation when faced with challenging driving conditions.
  • Always keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel. Do not get distracted!
  • When turning the steering wheel, your hand that is in the direction you are going should pull down while the other hand allows the wheel to pass through. When driving on rough terrain, the other hand can help by pushing the wheel upward to steer safely.
  • Avoid crossing your arms over one another, limiting your ability to adjust quickly.
  • When transferring from one lane to another or pulling in after overtaking, the turn should be gradual and never a sudden swerve, resulting in loss of control of your vehicle.

By keeping both hands on the steering wheel and by holding it correctly, you can minimize your risk while driving.

African Independent Brokers wishes you safe driving, wherever the road takes you.


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