Dealer zone

Personalised service

We believe in strong personal relationships. When you work with African Independent Brokers , you will be exposed to personalised world-class service.

We dedicate a consultant to your business who will work like personal business partner in your dealership. Your dealership will have a consultant dedicated to all your insurance needs.

Frequently asked questions

Q:   How do I partner with AIB?

At AIB we are all about hassle-free insurance. Setting up insurance with African Independent Brokers is as simple as making a phone call.

Q:   Do I need to make use of a specific system to load leads for AIB to contact?

We strive to make your experience with us as convenient as possible. You can send your leads via WhatsApp, SMS, direct call, email or any other means you prefer such as Seriti and Signio.

Q:   What happens if I can’t get hold of my AIB consultant?

At AIB we work on a buddy system. We have another consultant in place that intricately knows your account and would be able to assist you should you not be able to get hold of the person you usually deal with.

Q:   What is your turnaround time to give my client a quote?

To quote a client is a simple phone call away; our aim is to make our clients’ insurance experience as quick and hassle free as possible.

Q:   How long does the quoting process take?

The quoting process is dependent on feedback received from the client. It may take anything between 5 and 15 minutes.

Q:   Can a warranty be done over the phone without any invoices and paperwork?

Absolutely. At AIB we do warranties over the phone, it’s a 4 minute call which is voice recorded.

Q:   How do I know that you understand my business?

AIB has over two decades of experience in the dealer market. We pride ourselves on being the first brokerage who offered referral fees in South Africa.

Optimum insurance

Optimum insurance is Barloworld’s in-house brokerage specialising in all their short-term vehicle insurance needs. We pride ourselves on our relationship with the group and ensure hassle free service from quote to claim. Optimum Insurance Brokers’ primary focus is on our clients and how we can better serve them.