Don’t risk it – Keep your vehicle license renewed at all times


The government has recently extended the grace period for renewing vehicle licenses to March 2022, prompting many drivers to delay their license renewals before the cut off date. This grace period has implications that can’t be overlooked, especially when your vehicle insurance is involved.

  • What is an unlicensed vehicle? An unlicensed vehicle is when the vehicle’s license disc has expired, and the driver has not renewed their vehicle license before or within the grace period.
  • Consequences for driving an unlicensed vehicle: driving an unlicensed vehicle could result in a penalty, including paying a hefty fine.
  • How can you remain road legal? It is imperative that you, as a driver, keep your vehicle’s license disc up to date by visiting your nearest Vehicle Licensing Department.

Are you looking to hit the road this festive season? Ensure that your vehicle is fully licensed and roadworthy.

At African Independent Brokers, we encourage all our clients to renew their vehicle licenses as soon as possible; get your vehicle licensed today by visiting